I have always been active (more or less through seasons of my life) and I have many different interests.  I am the wife of a wonderful husband, the mother of four adult children, grandmother of a grandson and soon another baby.  I was raised on a farm, have lived in the city, a small town and currently live on an acreage.  I have chickens, build fences, go to the home farm to work with cattle and have a large garden.  I have worked in a commercial kitchen, worked as a tour guide, homeschooled, have run a sports program, and volunteer.  I wear many hats.

I also wear many shoes; I am involved with many sports activities.  In no particular order these are things I have been doing in the last few years.  Cycling (riding across Canada in stages), running (did a half marathon and duathlon), basketball, volleyball, wallyball, racquetball, handball, softball, skiing, snowboarding, weights, bootcamps, zumba, adult hip hop and contemporary dance, and probably a few more things.

My mind has also been getting a workout.  I have a degree in Food Science and Technology from my younger years.  I recently got a certificate in Sports Nutrition.  I have been reading countless books.  I am working on becoming a personal trainer.  I write an article for a magazine on getting/being active.

My hope is to inspire others to try something new and to keep active while aging.  At this time, I don’t plan to spell out diet advice.  I am opposed to vilifying specific foods, vilifying the makers of foods and judging people for eating something.  I believe we make our own choices, we live with our choices and there is enough information (true, false and mixed) on the internet that people can find on their own.  Although, I hope to share valuable information on being healthy, primarily I wish to encourage people while being excited about the things I am doing.



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