Thirty Days Live

Over the years I have pushed myself to do new things; things that are beyond comfortable, things that were hard, things others would not do….and others do comfortably. I learned to snowboard, I relearned piano, I started learning Spanish and speaking it when in Colombia (tourist Spanish) and hiphop dance among so many more things.

In the month of September I challenged myself to do a live video every day on FB. It was a challenge, and way beyond my comfort zone. I had done a couple in the past months and did not like doing them. I fumbled my words, I rambled and I felt like my voice was shaking (at least that was my perspective). I felt sick to my stomach with the thought of it and relieved when it was done. I went back and watched one of those early ones. It wasn’t as bad as I thought.


Stepping out of my comfort zone. This is the footwear for adult hiphop dance performance of Cinderella I was in last week for it’s remount. I started hiphop a couple years ago and it includes going on stage in costume and dancing which was new to me before I started.

Starting out the month of September was okay…the first day. Then I had to do it the second day and my stomach was in knots. I was so not wanting to do it. I did it anyway. The third day, not quite as bad but I still dreaded it. After that it got easier. It got easier and I was able to find some entertainment in the process. I did my live videos at my worst (I had some low energy, close to tears days) and my best, days I had dressed up for a day out. The thing I liked most was finding a different place to do the video every day. I┬áposted from the garden and chicken pen, from the yard and forest and from a spot on the couch more than once. I also went live from some activities I was involved with.

The topics were another thing. My exercise in doing the live videos was to become comfortable with it. It was really a show about nothing but not nearly as funny as Seinfeld. I started with a plan but that lasted all of 2 days and then I went with the things that came to mind, things that were happening at the time.

I started out the month rambling, and ended the month rambling but I think it was a lot smoother near the end of the month. I was definitely more comfortable and my desire to not do a live video at the end of the month was more about boredom, or rather not feeling like doing ‘yet another video’. I have yet to go back and watch any of them. I really don’t have a desire to see them. If I decide I need to do live videos for ‘other people’, I will go back to watch to see where I can improve but my goal in doing them was to get a level of comfort in doing them….and that, I accomplished.

When we are presented with an opportunity, we are often nervous and feel we can’t do it. We recognize when we are out of our comfort zone and often pull back and choose and easier path. Pushing the boundaries of comfort moves our line of comfort, increases our comfort zone and keeps us growing. How often do you challenge you comfort zone?