My Comfort Zone Won’t Stand Still

Where is your comfort zone? Are you always in it? Do you have to be forced out of it by outside sources only to recoil in fear and push against it with all your might? The one thing about being comfortable is…it’s really comfortable. That voice inside us resists moving from that place. The other voice inside us tells us to move.¬†Usually the situation isn’t so glaringly obvious, but as we age, this type of situation can creep up faster and faster. If we wish to create a world that is bigger, to have more abundance, we can do so by pushing back on our comfort zone by leaning into the uncomfortable.

If your comfort zone is the top of the mountain, reach for the sky.

When we are young, we learn by experimenting and doing. A child learns to walk and talk by observing and trying. A teen learns to branch out on their own by trying new things and finding what works and doesn’t. In our 20’s and 30’s we are experiencing new jobs, relationships and sometimes parenthood for the first time. Then we get comfortable, not necessarily in the every day (those who are parents realize they face new things daily), but we often get comfortable in our lifestyle. We have small growth activities through outside sources (interacting with people) and we upgrade at work, learn new technology, read a book, but often don’t do something big that scares us. That something might be small to a twenty year old who is all about adventure but the forty year old self is losing sleep over it. By fifty, the voice of ‘I’m too old for that…’ is resounding more often. Continue that theme into the sixties and by seventy a person can have one foot in the grave even without health problems.

As we age, our world gets smaller. Our memories aren’t as clear, which makes learning a little more difficult which means keeping up with new technology can be overwhelming; there is so much information. Our bodies slow down and it seems things take longer and there are health issues even if we work hard to prevent them.

I have done some things to push my comfort levels to different places. I have learned to snowboard, I have started learning a new language and practicing. I have pushed myself to learn new technology and a new business and another new business and all that is involved with those things. I am getting comfortable and it is time to start doing something new. Tomorrow, I will start a video challenge on my fb page A New Dawn-Feeling Good. I am not sure if I will do it daily all month but have plans to do it daily to begin with at least and have some topics set out. My plan is for a short 2-4 minute video each time. If there is anything you want me to talk about let me know. I will try to fit it in if I know something about it. I am scared, nervous, really uncomfortable with the idea.

As we go through life, our comfort zone moves. We can allow it to push us into an increasingly smaller world, or we can push our comfort zone to the mountain tops or beyond. Where are you taking your comfort zone?


More Than Only

Have you ever noticed a certain theme floating around in your conversations, readings, or what you listen to? Perhaps you have sought out the subject or started the conversation but other times it is seemingly a huge coincidence to keep hearing a message over and over again in the period of a month or two. It may be a bit of cluster illusion; perhaps just what catches your attention when you are focused on learning something. I have taken the opportunity in the last couple months to do some coffee dates. I have had some other opportunities to visit people in social settings as well. As I have been doing some work around the place that occupies my hands, I have been indulging in podcasts and my mornings begin with some personal development reading. Although there are have been many observations, in my ‘going’s on’ in the last few weeks, there are definitely some things that have been standing out for me.


For my coffee project, I have been asking a few questions, seeking answers for my life. I feel like I am narrowing it down a little. I spent the day with my mom a few weeks ago, and as it often the case with moms, she gave me a lot of insight into me in relation to that question. This past week I had the opportunity to meet with a number of people. One person in particular really helped dig out some perspective on myself I have been missing.

The other thing I have noticed in asking the same or similar questions is how similar the answers have been. Not only have I observed their answers to be similar to others, but in all cases, in getting to know a person better, I can see where the answer for present and future has come from someplace in the past, usually their childhood.

We are uniquely formed and continually grow. We may think of ourselves in a certain way only to find others perceive us differently. This week I have been described as approachable (I have been told that for as long as I can remember) and easy to connect with. I have been told I am open and and encourager. Though I don’t really think of myself in those terms, others do. I can’t say people know me more than I know myself but it would seem there are times they have some more insight than I; that my insight is muffled by the voices in my head. I like that I am getting to know people in a deeper way and they are getting to know me, and also giving me insight, even when they don’t know it.

Each of us is unique in our abilities, the things our hearts pursue, the natural talents we possess, our experiences and opportunities. Each of us has talents, some seemingly more than others, some seem like experts while others are ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. Some people have talents we never see because they are shared with a tiny microcosm of their life, and some people have talents they don’t share at all, perhaps because of the voices in their head. People often feel they are ‘only this’, can only do ‘that’, are too young, to old, to smart, not smart enough, too out of shape, too tall, too short, too shy, too outspoken…the list goes on. Only human? Yep, we all are and we can only do our best in this life and that’s good enough because we are all more than ‘only’ and sometimes we need to see it through someone else’s eyes.

While doing my coffee project, I am digging for those things, hopefully providing a lens for people to make observations, encouraging them¬†to use those hidden talents, to grow. I am seeking a way to help each person in some peculiar way, because peculiar seems to be how it happens. Connecting the dots, connecting people with information, connecting people with people, connecting with people connecting with me. Hit me up for a coffee appointment; you will be glad you did, and not just because it’s me and I am fun and funny and will make you laugh either. We are all human, but we are more than only.