Cycling Canada

In White Rock BC 4 years ago in 2012, my husband and I started our disjointed cycling trip across Canada.  Disjointed because we could not take the time to do it all at once so we decided to do it in different legs, starting each subsequent leg in the very place we stopped the year before.  That first year we made it to Calgary.  We have had a support vehicle to haul our stuff and meet us that the end of the day.  The first year our 2 daughters (17 and 15) and our great-niece (14) came with us.  It was an 11 day trip and we covered over 1100 km.

IMG_0233 (1)

Dipping our bikes in the Pacific Ocean at White Rock, BC.  Our first day was short.  We went to Abbotsford where we were staying.

That trip was quite rainy.  When we were entering Hope, there were signs about a road closure ahead due to flooding. That would have been a concern had we been in a vehicle but we had 7 days before getting there so we weren’t worried.  We camped 4 of the 11 days because at the end of the day, we just wanted to be warm and dry.  The days we did camp, the girls set up the tent, and the next morning took it all down.  They even cooked a meal or two.

The next year, we went from Calgary to Winnipeg.  We had our daughters and great-niece as our support again. We arrived in Calgary a week after the big flood of 2013.  Some of the trail areas we were wanting to go through were flooded and off-limits, so we had to navigate getting through the city other ways.  Navigating the cities are not much fun but leaving out parts of the trip would be cheating. The weather on that trip was hot and dry.  We camped 4 of the 13 days (1372 km), because at the end of the day we really wanted to be in air-conditioning, and have a good shower.

Unfortunately we had to take 2014 off due to family commitments.  We actually didn’t go cycling much at all that summer, a total of 3 times earlier in the summer; there was really no motivation, and time was limited.

Thankfully things improved for 2015 and we were able to head to Winnipeg and start our trip where we had left off two years earlier. Our 20-year-old daughter and her boyfriend’s 13-year-old sister were our support. We decided not to take our camping gear based on our minimal use of all that gear we were hauling the previous two trips.  We started off on the ring road for a short portion of the trip in Winnipeg, then got on a back road, then a trail, then got directions to the end to get back on the Trans-Canada Highway.  The weather was great for the trip.  We didn’t have rain except the one day we were headed in to Terrace Bay and the rains came down half an hour after we arrived (and by the look of the road, shortly before we arrived as well). We made it to Sault Ste Marie in 13 days (1424 km).


On the road in Northern Ontario.  

The plan for this year was to continue from there.  However due to circumstances beyond our control (economy-job instability-vacation time now all used), we are unable to go on our trip this year.  So we hope for next year to continue on to wherever our time allows.

This gives me the opportunity to write about what we have already done.  I have been writing articles for a home school magazine for the last few years and have written a couple of articles about what I have learned while sitting in the saddle.  The first article in particular is about gaining clarity while cycling which has a number of points.  I will take them and add in some stories of our trips that relate to the point.  And I will just keep cycling around here when I can fit it in.