Switching It Up

As it turns out, I had an opportunity to go snowboarding in the mountains on April 10th.  I haven’t been to the mountains for snow fun (and it was skiing then) in over 20 years so I was pretty excited about the adventure.  We (my husband and I) got to stay with friends the evening before and early the next morning, met up with the four people with whom we planned the trip.  Two people were skiing while four of us were snowboarding.  Since we had such a nice spring, the snow was rather icy when we arrived but over time became somewhat wet and a bit slushy near the bottom.

The day started off…well, let’s just say I was rather nervous going up the first lift forgetting how fast it goes and worrying about falling when getting off.  As it turned out, my fears were substantiate in a fall on my backside, which must have included a lump of ice because the pain went very deep and was excruciating.  I was able to gain composure and go up the next lift.  To wrap things up, I did fall coming off other lifts.  I also was successful coming off the lifts.  I had no trouble snowboarding but really fought the fear of dismounting the lifts.  Before lunch I did not feel like I was having fun.  After lunch, I was feeling much better about being there.  All in all it was a good day.

The cool thing about spring skiing especially with the spring we had this year, is you can have super warm weather, green grass, wear shorts, sit on patios, then go to the mountains and do snow sports.  That weekend was really nice and the following weekend, we did a road trip to Calgary to see our niece compete in nationals wrestling.  Sunday found us riding our bikes. We rode into town and had a nice lunch at a restaurant that was open by invitation only because it was rehearsal day.  We lucked out not knowing, but they had room and we got in and the appetizer to share, meal and drink each were free and the tip went to the Humane Society.  It was my first ride of the year and was about 37 km.  My snowboard was in the shed and my bike was pulled out for summer.

Version 2


I have since gone on a few rides.   My shortest ride this season was the 30 km (15 each way) round trip ride to kickboxing class.  The others have been 37 to 43 km.  The bike I bought 3 years ago (with a birthday gift card from my kids and husband), has 5145 km on it.  That’s what the odometer said before I switched it to my new bike.  My dear husband bought me a carbon frame bike like his.  We actually bought last years model and had to return it, then went in to the store we bought my other bike from and were able to get this year’s model.


And then it rained.  We have not had enough moisture this year and the wild fires have run amok in areas north of us.  We got rain for 4-5 days, 70 mm of precipitation which means it is nice and green and tomorrow I get to ride my bike for the first time.

When you live in a place with seasons and even if you don’t, it is important to find things you enjoy and to switch things up to keep your activities interesting.  I love snowboarding.  I will say, I am a bit of a fair weather participant in any outdoor activity.  I enjoy the time being challenged by improving and time spent with friends.  As spring approaches and the shoulders of the roads begin to clear, I start to envision cycling and the pull is there to get out on my bike.  I love summer cycling and being outside (in nice weather); I love the endurance rides we do, the trip across the country we are doing in stages (but have to wait until next year because forced vacation rather than layoff option has made it so we have no vacation time), and the time spent cycling together and with friends.

I do a lot of other sports, more so in the fall, winter and spring but some carry over to summer.  Each season brings new things and that is good.  It keeps things interesting.

Speaking of keeping things interesting, this winter I spent a lot of time sitting and studying.  At the beginning of May I wrote my final exam and I am now an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.  I received my certificate and member card yesterday in the mail.

Exciting things happening and so much going on.  I have been writing articles for a homeschool magazine for the last couple years so I am planning to repost some of them here. So until then, enjoy the nice weather where ever you are, and maybe even do something new, something that scares you just a bit.