I AM An Athlete

Six months ago, a friend suggested I make a fb page so people could follow our journey cycling across Canada (in stages).  I didn’t make one at the time, but posted updates on my personal page so my friends were able to follow our progress.  When I decided to make a fb page in conjunction with starting my schooling to become a personal trainer, I decided to make a blog as well.  I wanted to make sure the names were the same or similar so i started investigating the blog set-up first.  If any of you visited my blog last week you probably saw little to nothing as I slowly navigated my way through set up.  I then had the task of setting up the fb page, which was also new to me and something I kept putting off because I couldn’t find the ‘label’ that fit me.  I decided to go with ‘Athlete’ in the public people area.  Wow, that seemed like such a reach.  Unless a person is actually good at something, are they really called an athlete?  I would venture a guess there are people who are good at something that won’t even call themselves an athlete.

Yet…that’s what I chose and then got a knot in my stomach.  What if someone finds out I am a hack?  Just because some of my friends call me Marathon Barbie, doesn’t make me an athlete.  Who am I trying to kid? I don’t even look like an athlete; I have soft spots and sometimes I don’t even wear the proper clothes.  What if someone sees me eat something they believe is unhealthy? Am I just fooling myself? I didn’t ask all those questions in the time my life was flashing before my eyes when I hit that button, but my stomach reacted to all those doubts over the years that seem to come out the moment you proclaim something.  Fortunately, I had to write that little ‘about’ statement next, so thinking on the fly, I came up with:

There is an athlete in all of us. Sometimes we need someone to lead the way or introduce us to something new. Each day is a new day to get moving.”

That’s what it’s really about.  It is about moving daily.  It is about starting each day as a new day, forgetting what we didn’t do to the best of our ability the day before.  It’s about stretching ourselves in new ways, mentally, physically, emotionally…and just growing because that is where we feel fulfillment and we aren’t getting out of here alive, so why not?

So what defines me as an athlete?  It comes down to what I believe about me.  I play sports, I am active, I have pushed myself beyond what I thought possible. I have exhausted myself physically to that point of hitting the wall and emotional breakdown. I have had victories, and failures; I have succeeded and I have fallen… and I have gotten up and carried on.  I am my biggest competitor (except, occasionally, for that one friend) and my biggest critic.  Calling myself an athlete allows me to be my biggest supporter as well.  When it comes right down to it, each of us needs to be our own biggest supporter to become our best selves.  So go ahead, call yourself an athlete and make it happen.


Getting Started

I am just getting started on this blog, so changes will follow.  Funny how when you don’t do something for some time you lose those quick reflexes and get a little rusty.  I am getting started in writing this blog to hopefully inspire readers to get active.  We often start something only to fall away from it, and have to start again.  It happens all to often in exercise and diet.  We have our strengths and weaknesses, and often times the battle in our mind rivals any good action movie.  From believing we are not capable of doing an activity to believing it is useless to do it today ‘because I won’t have time to do anything until the second Tuesday next month’, from being sore after an activity to being afraid of hurting oneself, from time constraints and responsibilities and waining energy to commitments to other people, we can come up with countless reasons (and sometimes mere excuses) to neglect our health.

Perhaps you have admired an older person who looks amazingly fit, has great adventures and looks much younger than his or her age.  Perhaps you have met someone who has sabotaged his or her health and look much older than their years.  You probably don’t look at the second person and aspire to walk in their shoes.  Sadly too many people aspire to be like the first person, but lack the motivation, skills, willpower, or confidence to walk/run/jump/dance/bike/etc in that person’s shoes.

So if you are looking to start something new, or start something again but need that inspirational push, this is the place to be.  It is time to get started!  “It’s a new dawn/ it’s a new day/ it’s a new life/ for me/ and I’m feeling good”.*

*Feeling Good”  Writer(s): Anthony Newley,  Leslie Bricusse,